The Center provides morning and afternoon snacks as well as hot lunches daily. The hot lunches are catered by Good Food Company based in Fairfax, Virginia. ( The Good Food Company has information on allergies that may result from ingredients used in their food (e.g. corn), which can be found below.

US Kids is a nut-free school: no nuts or peanut butter are allowed on the premises – no exceptions. As well, the Center does not serve items which may be choking hazards such as pretzels, whole grapes, hotdogs, raisins, and popcorn. Parents should not bring items such as these to the Center. Occasionally, parents may bring in food that may be consumed by other children in the Center (e.g. a birthday cake). However, the parent bringing in food should speak with the appropriate classroom teachers in order to be aware of and avoid any allergic reactions from the classroom children.