The primary purpose of US Kids is to provide for the care, development and education of the children of employees of the U.S. Government agency that sponsors the Center: the General Services Administration (GSA). Although US Kids gives priority to families from GSA, other children may be enrolled if space is available, with priority given to children of other employees of the United States Government.

To be considered for admission, you must fill out an application and join our waiting list.  There is non-refundable fee due when you submit your application, which is $100 per child. To join our waitlist, you must be expecting a baby and have a due-date, or you must have an adoption application pending. You must have a desired start date for enrollment.

US Kids accepts children for enrollment under a priority system. Priority for enrollment is as follows:

1. Sibling of a GSA child currently enrolled in US Kids;

2. GSA Child;

3. Sibling of a non-sponsoring Federal Government child currently enrolled in US Kids;

4. Non-sponsoring Federal Government child;

5. Sibling of a non-Federal Government child currently enrolled in US Kids;

6. All others

Because of this priority system, an applicant’s place on the waiting list is not fixed. In general, within each category, applicants will be offered space in the program on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date the applicant joined the waiting list. Regardless of the date of your application, however, you can be bumped by a subsequent applicant from a higher-priority category.

Additionally, in the event that your priority status changes between the time you join the waiting list and the time that you are offered a slot, your enrollment will depend on your priority status at the time you are offered a spot. For example, if you work for GSA when you join the waitlist, but you switch employers and you no longer work for GSA at the time an opening becomes available, you will be considered for enrollment as a non-sponsoring agency family. You must report any changes in your priority status to US Kids administrative staff. Failure to notify US Kids of a change in priority status could result in revocation of an offered enrollment.

US Kids will notify you of an opening up to six weeks in advance. However, US Kids will not guarantee any slot more than six weeks in advance.

Once enrollment has been offered to you, you must accept or decline it within 2 business days. If we are unable to reach you in this timeframe, your spot will be forfeited and we will offer the spot to the next family in line. If we are unable to reach you within 5 business days, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Note, US Kids will notify you of an opening using the contact information on your application. Applicants are responsible for updating their contact information and notifying U.S. Kids. Applicants may also notify US Kids if they intend to be out of town or otherwise unreachable for some period of time so that alternative contact arrangements can be made.

Once you accept enrollment, you must pay a security deposit within 3 days of your acceptance. Only when you have paid your security deposit will your enrollment be locked in and your enrollment assured. If we do not receive a security deposit within this timeframe, your spot will be forfeited and we will offer the spot to the next family in line.

Tuition is due from the date your enrolled child’s space is available. You may choose to delay your child’s attendance to a later date, but you will be responsible for the tuition even if you choose to delay your child’s attendance. Once your child is enrolled, your family’s enrollment status will not be affected, except with respect to (1) a new application for enrollment for additional children; and (2) the amount of tuition due (for example, if you change from a sponsoring family to a non-sponsoring family, your tuition may change; see tuition schedule for further information).

If you are offered a space and decline it, you may choose to remain on the waitlist. However, you must have a new proposed start date, and your new application date will be the same as the date of your declining the initial offer. If you are offered a space again in the future and again decline that space, you will be removed from the wait-list. Please notify US Kids if you no longer wish to be considered for enrollment.

US Kids will consider, on a case by case basis, requested changes to your anticipated start date and waiting list placement that result from complications in the birth or adoption of your child, or unanticipated health issues.

Click here to access the Waitlist Registration Form 2018 here.

You may schedule a tour of the Center by emailing the Center at

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Rates as of September 9, 2019
US Kids offers full-time schedules only.

Groups Approximate Age Range Federal Agency
(bi-weekly tuition rates)
Non-Federal Agency
(bi-weekly tuition rates)
Infants 3 months – 15 months $865.00$950.00
Toddlers 115 months – 24 months $765.00$830.00
Toddlers 224 months – 30 months $765.00$830.00
Juniors30 months – 36 months $720.00$790.00
Preschool36 months - 60 months$635.00$685.00

 The preschool tuition rate includes a weekly Spanish class provided by Language Stars.