About Us


U.S. Kids Child Development Center Inc. (U.S. Kids) was founded in 1991 by the Executive Office of the President, Export-Import Bank, Department of Treasury, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Justice. The daily operation of the Center is managed by the Center Director, who reports to the Board of Directors. The board of directors, which is made up of parents and agency representatives, provides managerial guidance and oversight to Center activities.


U.S. Kids is a secure and happy place for both children and their parents. Our goal is to meet the developmental, emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of children. The Center respects and accommodates the developmental stages of all children and promotes positive self-image. At U.S. Kids, we appreciate children, their diversity, their challenges, and their successes.


U.S. Kids follows the Pinnacle Curriculum as a guide for daily classroom activities, which is concerned with developing skills such as language, cognitive, fine and gross motor, and social and emotional development. Children are actively involved in their learning process and are encouraged to be independent thinkers who are self motivated. Pinnacle Curriculum was developed by early childhood experts based on the works of Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson. For more information on our curriculum please go to www.cceionline.com

U.S. Kids Enrichment Programs

Kids ‘N Motion for Toddlers, Juniors, and Preschool (September-June)

U.S. Kids offers Kids ‘N Motion creative movement and tumbling class from September to June. This program develops creativity and instills self-confidence. You can pick up a brochure that will explain the tuition and enrollment process. You can enroll your child at any time throughout the year. Usually, this program is for 18 months and older.

Language Stars Spanish Class, Preschool (Year Round)

The preschool students participate in a weekly Spanish class held by Language Stars. This class is included in the regular preschool tuition.

Language Stars offers a natural and easy way for children to learn a new language through an engaging mix of games, songs, movement, drama, and more – all entirely in the foreign language.  Our unique FunImmersion® method means 100% foreign language exposure and 100% fun!  Our dynamic, native-speaking instructors focus on sentences and phrases through rhythmic chanting, songs, and engaging theme-based activities to learn and practice the language learning goals each week.  Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 14 children per group.  Language Stars’ programs and spiral curriculum are designed for beginners to jump right in and experienced students to continue expanding upon their skills.  This allows beginners to benefit from more experienced peer role models while more experienced learners build more complex language skills as well as their leadership and confidence.  Registration includes workbooks as well as access to Language Stars’ online Parent Center which contain even more reinforcement tools to practice at home!

Summer Program for Juniors and Preschoolers (June 19th -August 18th)

U.S. Kids includes several programs during the summer as part of their curriculum to enrich the students’ learning. These programs include Power Tots, Golden Boot Soccer, Cooking classes, and Mad Science, Magic Shows, and more. There is an additional Preschool Summer Camp fee during our summer program. See more information under the Summer Camp section.


U.S. Kids is licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health.


Individuals chosen to be a member of the U.S. Kids team are caring, loving, and respectful of children. Staff members are selected on the basis of their experience, resourcefulness, education, and ability to stimulate children’s creativity and foster their development. Our staff respects the needs of working parents and works together with parents for the benefit of the children. In addition, the Director, Assistant Director, and Administrative Assistant provide management, oversight, and support for the center.


The Center is designed to offer an inviting atmosphere that is bright and open, offering space for play, rest, privacy, and security. Our spacious Center allows children to work and play individually, or in small or large groups. Our “Great Room” allow children to develop their gross motor skills through climbing and running. Our four large classrooms accommodate infants, toddlers, juniors, and preschoolers.

Approximate Age Range

Infants3 months - 15 months
Toddlers15 months - 2 ½ years
Juniors2 ½ years - 3 ½ years
Preschool3 ½ years - 5 years